Entry #05 - Savannah Heat

Title: Savannah Heat
Author: Carol North
Cover Artist: Nancy Donahue
Genre: Contemporary / Romance / Mainstream

Miss Bisque's deceased husband, Johnny Bob Wiley, was a man with secrets so he set up his will and trust accounts to prevent anyone learning of his clandestine activities. Bisque Fayette Wiley is a Southern belle raised to have a man take care of her. After Johnny Bob died she had to make a choice: live a hand-to-mouth existence on the stipend from Johnny Bob's estate or toughen up and take care of herself.

Her journey takes her to the door of the "Casanova of Savannah," the art gallery owner, Colonel Parker Hill. The colonel lost a leg in Desert Storm. He owes his life to a female soldier who died taking fire meant for him. Consequently, he loves women. Perhaps, he loves too many women. The colonel, Southern gentleman that he is, becomes Miss Bisque's mentor and protector.

When Miss Bisque is accused of murder, she may need more help than even the colonel can provide.

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  1. Carol North Says:

    Thank you to those voting for the Savannah Heat cover. I appreciate your kindness.
    Carol North