Entry #08 - Something to Hide

Title: Sheniqua Waters
Author: Shirley Burnett
Cover Artist: Historical Romance

Raised under the watchful eye of a house slave, southern belle Lily has lived a comfortable life on her father’s tobacco plantation. Unaware that her life of luxury has come at a price, Lily is devastated by the truth about her parentage.

In love with rancher Brock Cunningham, Lily marries him though Angela, his devious former flame, vows to reclaim Brock for herself. And Syrus, an unscrupulous foe, plots revenge after Lily spurns his advances.

Uncovering the secret of her birth, Lily's enemies enact an insidious ruse to tear her from the life she has known. Abducted into the seedy world of slavery, Lily survives the auction block to find her way home. Has her marriage to Brock survived Angela’s schemes?

When Syrus exacts his revenge and Lily finds herself in his arms, will her love for Brock prevent her from succumbing to his scandalous demand? Or will Lily make a choice that will leave her with something to hide?

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