Welcome to The New Covey Cover Awards

Hi there and welcome to The New Covey Cover Awards.

The original Covey Awards started as the following:

THE COVEY AWARDS started out of a love for Book Covers, out of a love for this virtually ignored form of visual media. We at THE COVEY AWARDS have loved and cherished and indeed made our own Book Covers in order to ensnare readers, draw readers in and add beauty to the world.
Their purpose was to:

[provide] Awards for the best book covers out there. They are a distinction handed out to those Book Covers that speak to us the most voted on by you, the readers!

The New Covey Cover Awards shares a similar goal in wanting to recognize Cover Art but at a more pragmatic level.

A recent poll shows that almost 63% of the time, cover art influences book purchases. Obviously there are numerous other factors that combine with this to determine actual purchases but cover art ranks fairly high in the purchase decision.

The goal of The New Covey Cover Awards is to recognize the covers that would make you stop and pick up the novel for a closer look. It is also a forum that provides additional exposure for new authors.

Each person who wins a New Covey Cover Award will receive an icon and will be listed as an Award Recipient. The icon and a link can be posted on their website or blog to show the world that their Cover Art rocks.

Contact us at TheNewCoveyCoverAwards@gmail.com with any questions.