How to Enter / Rules / Voting

How to Enter

Submit the front cover along with the following information to:

Proper Case Please i.e. no CAPS
  • Book Title
  • Author Name(s)
  • Cover Artist(s)
  • Genre
  • Websites or Blogs (author)
  • Websites or Blogs (cover artist)
  • Synopsis or Blurb (250 words maximum)

Covers should be in a jpg, gif, bmp, or png image (jpg preferred) and should be large enough to be viewed full screen when clicked on. If you have any questions email us.


  1. The first 30 entries in any month will be accepted for that months contest.
  2. Entries after the first 30 will be roll over to the next month.
  3. Entries are generally submitted by Authors, Artists, or Publishers. If you are unsure about a submission please contact us at the email address above.
  4. An Author is limited to one entry per month, regardless of who submits the entry.
  5. Artists and Publishers are limited to 3 entries per month, regardless of who submits the entry.
  6. If an entry does not win it can be re-entered into the contest.
  7. Entries will be accepted until either 30 entries have been received or until voting opens. Once voting opens no more entries will be added for that month.


Voting is monthly and will open as soon as we have all 30 entries for the month or the last full week of each month, which ever is earlier.

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